Is someone at GoPro smoking crack? TimeWarp has a weird ass flaw in it.

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As regular readers (all 10 of you) already know, I’m a big fan of GoPro cameras. They make for really good vlogging rigs and they’re particularly well suited for car related stuff. Timewarp is another one of their neat features. It basically is a mode on the camera for making a time lapse video, and it works really well.

Except that is, for one little thing. You see, there’s a button on the screen to pause your time lapse video and lets you shoot a video at normal speed, then hit the button again to go back to TimeWarp.

For some insane reason, when you shoot real time video inside of a TimeWarp, there’s no audio. This annoys me to NO fucking end. WHY GOPRO? This would be the perfect road trip mode!

I made this video to highlight exactly what it is I’m talking about. I’m using the Hero 8 Black, mounted to a Joby Suction Cup mount and an HSU TriPod to finger mount adapter.


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