Vlog # 12 Revlimiter Gauges, MediaMod Mics, Turbo Decisions

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This week I start by driving the Miata around a little bit and testing the out the mics on the GoPro Media Mod. The front mic is impressive, even in a convertible at 45mph. I also found that if I turn the camera around to face out of the car and use the rear microphone on the MediaMod, it sounds pretty damn good. Stereo mode picks up too much wind noise, which isn’t super surprising but it’s nice to know.

Next I spend entirely too much time and effort trying to make the corner indicator lights work on my RevLimiter gauges. Gotta say, I’m a huge fan of the gauges but I hate the check engine light and high beam indicator relocation method. After installing and uninstalling them like a dozen times and tinkering with the wiring, I finally got the CEL working, which is the main thing I needed (MegaSquirt can use it as a Wideband O2 failure warning light), but never got the high beam indicator working. I was super annoyed and just decided to do without it. At least I got to try out the wire strippers I bought for the MegaSquirt install.

Finally I ramble on about my turbo decisions. I’m ready to go ahead and order a turbo, but I’m torn between two options. The MKTurbo kit is complete, but uses a knock-off turbo, and the exhaust isn’t stainless. On the plus side, it does come with literally everything I would need. Intercooler, blowoff valve, intake, full exhaust etc.

The second option would cost roughly the same, but you trade convenience for higher quality parts. It’s the Kraken setup. You get a cast manifold, full stainless exhaust, but nothing else. I would need to pick up an intercooler setup and blow off valve and turbo from somewhere like BOFI racing, the same place I bought my MegaSquirt. The end cost would be about the same, but it would be on me to make everything fit and go grab any odds and ends that I forgot to order. I’m leaning that way, but we shall see.