GoPro Colors vs Sony ZV-1 Colors

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I didn’t actually even intend to post this, but thought other people might want to see it. Here’s a comparison of the colors from the Hero 8 Black and the colors from the Sony ZV-1. Both using just out of the camera colors. No ProTune on the GoPro, no Picture Profile on the Sony.

I’m sure I could get a closer match using the GoPro in ProTune and the Sony with a Picture Profile and grading them to look the same, but to be honest I don’t think it’s worth the effort at this point. I primarily use the GoPro outside in the day time and primarily use the Sony indoors and at night, so they colors aren’t actually going to match anyway due to different lighting.

If I run out of car stuff to work on, I might attempt it anyway, but I think I’m cool with this for now.