New Project Car

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As much as I love my Miata, I’ve been seriously craving some V8 power lately. I briefly considered doing a V8 swap on the Miata, but I didn’t want to be without a fun car for a year while I took it all apart and did the swap. 


After a little bit of research I settled on the idea of a LSx series engine with a turbo, but I still didn’t know what I wanted to put it in. I considered the old RWD Volvo wagons and E34 5 series BMW’s, but ultimately I stumbled across a thread on a message board about the older Chevy Trucks. That got the ball rolling. I set up a craigslist alert, posted a want ad, and scoured eBay. I finally hit on an 82 short wheelbase 2wd chevy truck with a very straight body. Here are the pics from the ad:

After a couple of weeks of negotiation I picked it up last Friday and drove it back to the shop from Forrest City, Arkansas. 
Interior is a little rough, and the 350 in it is running rich as hell, but all I really wanted was a nice straight body, and it definitely has that. So far I’ve ordered some suspension stuff to lower it and replace the ancient shocks on it. I’m gonna try to get that done next weekend, along with maybe a rear disc conversion. 
I’m also going to try and actually document this build on my website, instead of posting a shitty update once every three months. We’ll see how that goes.