Fajitas El Idolo from El Idolo Mexican Grille in Bartlett, TN

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El Idolo Mexican Grille is insanely close to my home, but I had never tried it prior to now. I’m now greatly regretting my decision, because this is one of the better Mexican places in the greater Memphis area. El Idolo is located at the corner of Bartlett Blvd and Bartlett Rd. It’s a pretty standard Mexican restaurant in terms of appearance.

The Fajitas El Idolo have steak, chicken, shrimp, and sausage along with the usual fajita suspects; onions, peppers, tomatoes.

I gotta say, fajitas are my go-to dish at a Mexican restaurant, and these fajitas are seriously good. Everything tastes fresh, it actually has a decent amount of “sauce” at the bottom so they aren’t dried out, and they give you a TON of food. Daisy and I got the fajitas for two to split, and it was easily enough for like three or four people. It also came with two huge plates of salad, pico, sour cream, guacamole, beans and rice. This is easily a meal for four to be honest.

The cheese dip was pretty standard fare, but well executed. I was very hungry and forgot to take a picture of the dip and the taco kids meal, oops.

Speaking of the taco kids meal, it comes with one regular taco, rice, and beans. Ava loves beans, so she was super pleased. It’s really nice when restaurants have some kid-sized portions, it’s annoying to buy a whole combination meal for Ava for her to eat one taco and some beans, so kudos for that.

In short, everything else is good, but the Fajitas El Idolo are great. If you like fajitas, you need to check out El Idolo.