Gauges Install on my NB Miata.

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So, I’ve always been a fan of the revlimiter gauge faces for the Miatas. I’ve had them in basically every Miata I’ve owned. For the NB, I went with the Warbird Gauges and had them customized with a red tach and red hash marks on the speedometer. Overall the installation was pretty easy if you’re handy.
There are a few updates to what you will see in the video. As far as I can tell, you don’t need to take out the screws in the bottom of the steering column. You can just pop the top part off without removing the screws from the bottom. Also, I did take it back apart after the video. The spot on the tach that wasn’t lighting up was because I missed a step on the instructions. The factory high beam indicator light tube was blocking it. I fixed it up my breaking up that tube. 
I still couldn’t get the relocated High Beam indicators working though. I tried wiring it a few different times and checking and nothing ever worked. I also tried two different bulbs. I’m not sure what needs to be done at this point, but I’m not super worried about high beam indicators and the more I think about it, the more I don’t want the CEL on at all times. The only other little issue I had was the oil pressure gauge goes way too far down when the car is off. If it bothers me I will try to find a way to fix it, but it’s not even a real gauge, so as long as it looks normal when running who really cares. 


I needed a few things I didn’t think of, but I’m glad I had on hand. I didn’t use the gloves included, I have smaller hands so they were too big. I do keep some Amazon Basics gloves on hand for all kinds of stuff to keep my hands from getting filthy, so I used those. 

I set the tach and water temp gauges using an OBDII bluetooth dongle from Amazon, as well as my Pixel 3 work phone running the app Torque Pro. This made things super easy as I just used the real time data to verify the engine speed at warm idle (around 800rpms) and then stick the tach needle on at that spot. I used Waze for speedometer. Fuel is best done by filling the car up and putting it on “full”, but I’m lazy so I just stuck it back on where it was. As I mentioned before, the oil pressure gauge is really just an idiot light, put it wherever. 

Anyway, here’s a video, enjoy!