Pie-Zazz from Pizza Pie-Zazz in Heber Springs, Arkansas

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We FINALLY got a little road trip in this year! We booked a little cottage in Greers Ferry on AirBNB. I’ll post a review of the cottage when I have internet capable of uploading 360 video, because I obviously have to flex my new Insta360 One R.

We did a bit of hiking today at Bridal Veil Falls, so we were all very hungry and already in Heber Springs. We didn’t feel like finding outdoor seating and Ava was falling asleep in her car seat, so pizza seemed like a really good decision, based on it’s ability to travel the 20 minutes back to Greers Ferry and the fact that there’s never a bad time for Pizza.

Pizza Pie-Zazz was the highest rated pizza place nearby, so I ordered their version of a deluxe, consisting of “Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef, Onions, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Black Olives & Mushrooms”.

Pizza Pie-Zazz is located at 521 Wilburn Rd, Suite C in Heber Spring. It’s basically at the intersection of Wilburn and 25 Bypass. At least that’s what the map says. It’s in a strip mall, the place is relatively small and is setup for takeout only right now, which suits me fine, it looks like when the world is not a total shit-show, they have about a dozen tables and seem to serve beer. I’ll be back post-pandemic to sample some local beers, but for now, let’s talk about pizza.

It’s more of a hand-tossed style than a NY thin. The crust is pretty good to me, with an excellent balance of chewiness and strength. The toppings, aside from the pepperoni, are cut pretty small, which is a huge plus to me. I want a mix of everything, not a 3” long slice of green pepper, thanks.

Flavor is good. Sauce has some nutmeg in it I think, which I always appreciate, also has a small amount of heat in it, maybe from some crushed red peppers. Cheese is good and tastes like real cheese. Overall, very good pizza, especially considering this is a tourist town. This totally seems like the kind of places locals eat. If you’re in Heber Springs and in the mood for Pizza, head to Pizza Pie-Zazz.