It’s Very Hot in Memphis, So I Picked Up a Cheap Misting Cooling System on Amazon.

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And it actually works pretty damn well! It’s been like crazy hot lately, this summer HAD been mild until a week or two ago, then summer showed up full force with temps in the upper nineties and heat indices around 110°F.

The heat and humidity make being outside absolutely miserable, but I have a 6 year old, and I also don’t want her to just sit inside all summer. I looked around on Amazon and found that they make some misting systems that just hook up to your outdoor water spigot. I figured I would roll the dice and try one.

I ended up getting the HOMENOTE Misting Cooling System. I just got it installed and while I’m generally impressed by it, I do have a few tips to make things easier.

First off, you’re not going to want to unscrew this every time you want to connect something else, so I would highly suggest a splitter. I ordered this one from amazon at the same time I ordered the cooling system. It works well, has two ball valves that you can open independently so you can have the mister, the garden hose, or both.

Second, it comes with little J Clamps with nails that you use to mount the tubing to your house (or deck or whatever you’re gonna mount to), but in my opinion, it doesn’t come with enough of them.

They work best when you can put a J Clamp on either side of each nozzle. This takes basically all the tension off of the house because you’re supporting all the weight with the clamps, like this.

They don’t give you enough to put two per nozzle though, at least not on the 59ft version that I bought. As I got fairly close to the end, I realized I had 6-8 nozzle left and only 6 J clamps. I ended up just going with one about half way in between each nozzle, but it doesn’t look or work as well.

To solve this, I ordered another pack of J Clamps on Amazon. I’ll go back and put two on each side of every nozzle when they show up later this week, but if I had known this when I ordered, I would have just ordered them along with everything else.

Those two things aside, the installation is very straightforward. The misters come all assembled already on the hose with a garden hose attachment on one end.

All you really have to do is connect one end to water, and then begin using the aforementioned J clamps to hold the hose in place. You will need a hammer, but that’s about it in terms of tools.

These misters really do put out a pleasantly fine mist. My main concern with these is that they would just be spraying a high volume of water all over the place, and that doesn’t work as well. You need a really fine mist so the water quickly evaporates and carries heat away from your skin. Just getting you soaking wet won’t help. Luckily, these are legitimate misters, not just sprayers. They put out very fine mist that evaporates very quickly and really do make you feel a lot cooler.

The system doesn’t have any leaks so far. It’s dripping slightly from my faucet but it’s honestly hard to find a garden hose of any kind that doesn’t drip a little bit. It’s outside and everything is obviously gonna get wet anyway so I don’t care. Check out this fine mist action!

Pretty happy with this purchase overall. It didn’t cost much at all, only took about an hour to install including finding a ladder and a hammer and moving stuff around on my patio, and it makes a noticeable difference in the perceived temperature outside during the hot Memphis summer. I think I’m gonna make a dark and stormy and go sit outside in the mist.

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