Fear and Loathing in Cylinder 4

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So, basically my “new” motor has a blown head gasket. I’m debating between just replacing the head gasket and trying to get my motor replaced. I’ll update this post later when I feel like typing more.
Okay, I didn’t get a chance to write it up this weekend, but now I have a little time to type. 


Basically, I got the engine installed and cranked it up about a month ago. There was no cooling system attached. I obviously only let it run for a few seconds, but it didn’t miss at all. I diagnosed my clutch disk oopsie and waited on parts. 

I got the clutch disk in, pulled the transmission, and fixed it. At the same time I went ahead and installed the cooling system and filled it up with coolant. After fixing the clutch, it instantly started missing hard as shit on cylinder 4. I chased it down and eventually threw up my hands and replaced everything on 4. Coil pack, plug wire, spark plug, injector, injector harness. 

Still missing. 

I finally just said “Fuck it” and let it run and that’s when I noticed that the “condensation” in the exhaust was never clearing up. 

My best guess is the head gasket is blown into the coolant passage on 4. It didn’t miss before because it had no coolant to foul the mixture. It misses now because it’s trying to burn coolant on number 4 and that’s not an ideal fuel. 

I think I’m just gonna go ahead and do the head gasket and studs, I don’t feel like pulling another damn motor.