Thai Bistro – Bartlett, TN

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I LOVE Thai food. When I lived downtown, I ate Thai food literally twice a week, minimum. I also have a particular weakness for gyoza. Thai Bistro’s curry potstickers seem to be tailor-made to be my weakness. They’re exceptionally tasty potstickers in a mildly spicy curry sauce, and they’re AMAZING.

Thai Bistro is a little place in a strip mall on Highway 64 in Bartlett. It’s actually in the same little strip mall as Memphis Mojo Cafe.

Thai Bistro used to be on Germantown Rd, near Cordova rd, but that location closed before I moved out this way. Thankfully they reopened in the Bartlett location which is pretty damn close to my house. As soon as I moved out here, I immediately started looking for a good Thai place. I have definitely found it.

The inside is on the small side, but very nice. Hopefully this ass-ache pandemic will fuck directly off soon (as soon as smooth-brain Trump supporters stop whining about masks infringing on much rights, so basically never) so that I can go and actually eat at this restaurant. It’s small but cozy, and nicely appointed. Doesn’t look like they serve alcohol though, hopefully they address that soon.

We picked up a variety of food. Daisy and Ava got cashew chicken for an entree, while I opted for the red curry with chicken.

The cashew chicken is very good, and amazingly approachable. If you have someone who has never had Thai food before, definitely have them order this. The spice level is very low, the flavors are sufficiently foreign while still being approachable enough to not scare people off, and overall it’s a very good dish.

The red curry was good, I got mine slightly hotter than it comes by default and the heat level was perfect for me. I could totally go for a little bit hotter in terms of flavor, but my aging body disagrees. The red curry has a creaminess to it that balances the heat SUPER well. It just coats everything in it and makes it delicious. I’m not really a person that hates veggies, but I also tend to like to have some meat with my meals. This curry sauce makes me want to eat all the veggies that come with it. You could put this on live, angry wasp and I would likely eat it and not complain. It’s pretty good stuff.

All of this is great, but the real reason to drive here is for the curry potstickers. The perfect combination of chewy and crispy, sweet and spicy, subtle and bold. The potstickers without the curry sauce are already very, very good, but the curry sauce adds something that makes the curry potstickers more than the sum of their parts. The potstickers are crispy and savory, the curry sauce is sweet, a little spicy, and creamy. The combination just absolutely owns me. I am not generally a person that can eat huge portions. Don’t get me wrong, I like some food that’s horrible for me, but I’m not one of those dudes that orders a triple cheeseburger or a 24oz steak. These potstickers are the exception. If I got an entree with them, and just didn’t care at all about my diet and my caloric intake, I think I could legitimately eat 3-5 orders of 5 along with my food, out of pure gluttony.

If I were JUST eating curry potstickers. I could definitely go 5 orders, or 25 potstickers. Probably more. They’re just so damn perfect, I lose all self control. I’m sure by now this has either convinced you that you totally need these in your life, or you totally need to stay far away from them, so I’ll shut up and post some pics.

Like I said earlier, everything at Thai Bistro is super good, but you do legitimately HAVE to get the curry potstickers. They’re amazing, and they’re totally worth driving for.

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