Got the NB Miata Engine Installed

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Finally, amirite? I decided to stop procrastinating yesterday and drop the motor in.
This is somehow my first Miata engine install despite having owned like a dozen. I did the heater hoses while the engine was out.
Also discovered that one of the hard lines on my heater core was crushed. I hope this doesn’t become an issue, I really don’t feel like pulling another Miata dash, which I HAVE done before.
I took this picture just so I could easily look back at the firing order when this is tucked up under the dash and I can’t see it.
I initially decided to put the engine in with the mounts installed on the engine. This was a mistake.
After fighting it for about an hour and not being able to get the input shaft from the transmission corrected seated on the pilot bearing, I took the mounts off and it more or less dropped right in. Lesson learned.
Here’s how it sits now. I will finish it next week because it just needs exhaust and then everything reconnected. As soon as I can take it for a test drive I’ll start ordering some fun parts. I’m ready to get this project going.