NB Miata CarPlay Stereo Install

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I have been absolutely spoiled by having CarPlay head units. You get navigation with live traffic data, all your music/podcasts, phone calls, and text messages/whatsapp messages sent straight to your car’s stereo with Siri integration. I went with the Pioneer 1400NEX ( https://amzn.to/2US8yNx ), which I also had in my beater Honda Fit before it was replaced with a Prius. 
Since I was upgrading the stereo, I couldn’t just leave the 21 year old factory speakers, so I replaced them with a pair of MTX Terminator5 5.25″ speakers ( https://amzn.to/39z8fLv ) . I used the Metra 70-7901 Harness ( https://amzn.to/38tzAPp ) and Metra 99-7505 dash kit ( https://amzn.to/2V3SZCH ) to install the stereo. The speakers required Metra 72-9300 ( https://amzn.to/3bJJsqj ) wiring harness adapters (well, I mean I could have just cut and stripped the wires and put spade connectors on them, but I didn’t want to butcher the factory harness), and to put 5.25’s where the factory 6×8’s went, I used Scosche SA-68 speaker adapters ( https://amzn.to/37qP6Kw ). I totally could have fit bigger speakers there, and I might in the future if I get bored or run out of shit to do, but honestly I primarily listen to podcasts, and the MTX 5.25’s sound WAY better than the factory 6×8’s while weighing a bit less, so I’m not too fucked up about it. 


Now I *think* I have my shit sorted and I can start doing fun stuff to the ole Miata. It’s time to get my boost on.