Vlog #7 – I Think Project NB is Fixed!

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So yeah, after weeks of chasing a very persistent misfire on cylinder 4 (P0304), I think I have FINALLY figured it out. My map sensor wasn’t getting a vacuum signal due to incorrect vacuum line routing. I honestly don’t know why it would cause a single cylinder misfire, as there was no vacuum leak, but fixing that seems to have fixed my problem. I’m cautiously moving forward with doing some fun stuff. I went ahead and ordered some LED headlight bulbs from superbrightLEDS and a bodywork suction cup to try and pull out a dent in the quarter panel, and I think I’m going to go ahead and order some new gauge faces from revlimiter.net in the next couple of days. Also have some top leak issues to fix, and then I think I’ll do megasquirt. Unless of course the misfire of doom returns. Fingers crossed.