I Replaced the Headlight Bulbs on my 2008 Honda Fit with SuperBrightLED’s Bulbs.

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I am a bit of a flashlight nerd, and having any light be less than insanely bright has now become one of my pet peeves. The headlights on my 08 Fit Sport beater were honestly not terrible, but with the seasons changing and me soon to be leaving work at night, i felt it was time for an upgrade.


I immediately went to SuperBrightLEDs, because I’ve ordered tons of stuff from there and they have top notch lights, fast shipping, and good customer service. Every car I’ve owned in the last few years has gotten all the interior lights replaced with LEDs from SuperBrightLEDs. They draw way less power and are far brighter. Anyway, I put in my car info and it gives me the suggestion to use this H4 fanless kit that’s plug and play. I went ahead and ordered them for something right at $75 shipped. They showed up a couple of days later and I finally got a chance to install them.


They are pretty damn much plug and play. I had to trim the rubber ring that covers the headlight bulb a bit to clear the heat sink, and because someone at Honda is an asshole I actually put it on the lift and pulled the front wheels off to install them since you have to pull out the fender liner, but that would apply to even replacing a stock bulb. The difference was immediately evident.

​Here are the stock headlights:

Here is the LED on the driver side with a stock bulb on the passenger side:

And finally, this is LED on both sides. You can really see the difference if you look at them against the color temperature of the stock fog lights.
It’s still daylight, so it’s super hard to say how well they will do at night, but judging based on how much brighter they look in the shop, they’re going to be awesome. Also, since they’re made to go in halogen reflectors, the beam pattern actually looks correct and doesn’t scatter light everywhere. It looks exactly like the stock headlights, just brighter and whiter. So far, I love it.