Soul Fish Cafe – 1/3/21

About 4 times a year, I have an insistent craving for some classic fried catfish. Pretty much every time this happens, I end up at Soul Fish Cafe. This time I ordered take-out from the Wolfchase location on Highway 64 just east of Germantown Rd.

Their curbside game is on point. I called when I was leaving my house, they took my order and told me 10 minutes and got a description of my car, I pulled up and they brought it right out. This pandemic has been going on long enough that every restaurant should have this totally down, but a lot of them still don’t. Soul Fish definitely has it together.

All of us got fried catfish, it’s kinda the whole reason we get food here. Daisy and I both got the catfish dinner and Ava got the kid’s catfish nugget meal. Both come with fries, hush puppies, and coleslaw.

The catfish is always good here. It’s always crispy and tasty and well seasoned. This time was no exception to that rule.

Ava liked hers too. The catfish nuggets are basically just a catfish filet cut up into strips.

I do have to take issue with one thing though, because it’s so consistently bad. Their fries are the WORST. The flavor is good, but they are consistently floppy and limp. Not just every once in a while when you order on a particularly busy night and they’re slammed and really trying to push food out, but literally every single time and even in the before times when you could eat inside a restaurant. It’s like they insist on never making a french fry that’s satisfyingly crispy. I know they’re capable of it, because I’m capable of it. The fries always have a consistency like they were fried an hour or two ago and then warmed up in a goddamn steamer. It’s infuriating. Literally no one ever has said “Yes can I have some limp, floppy french fries please?”.

The fact that I’m willing to overlook this culinary sacrilege should be a good indicator for just HOW tasty this catfish is. The hush puppies are also really good too. You should go check out Soul Fish at any of their locations, just maybe pick a side other than french fries if you’re as offended as I am about floppy fries.