Installed my Roadstersport Street Single

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My stock exhaust was very slightly tweaked, but in all honesty I really just wanted an excuse to upgrade. I went with the RoadsterSport Street Single. I like the way it looks, I like the way it sounds, and I like that it’s less than half the weight of the stock exhaust. I still don’t have my damn title in, so I can’t really drive it yet, but it sounds good at idle, lol.


As a side note the NC is likely the easiest car ever to change the muffler on. Two 14mm bolts hold the stock muffler on, then it’s just the hangers. If they aren’t rusted to hell and back, this is a 10 minute job. 

I think it looks awesome, on the non-appearance package NC1 the exhaust cutouts aren’t super obvious, I think it looks damn near factory. Anyway, as soon as I can finally drive this thing I will get some audio clips.