LED Headlight Upgrade on my 2011 Accord

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So, I picked up a new daily driver (A wrecked accord I bought at copart, check out my youtube channel for the build), and since having LED headlights in my Fit, I now hate driving anything without them. I decided to get a little crazy at SuperBrightLEDS and upgraded every single light on the front of the car. Low beams, high beams, and fog lights. Here’s how it looks with the stock halogens. 
Pulling the headlights out requires taking the bumper cover off, but its honestly not that difficult on the Accord. One screw inside each wheel well and a bunch of pop in fasteners. â€‹
The headlights are plug and play, no wiring required. You do need to make sure they’re lined up right, the “filaments” need to be oriented horizontally, or the beam pattern will not be correct. 
From there it’s basically just popping the lights back in and plugging everything up. Make sure you test EVERY light before you put the entire bumper back on. The plugs will go on either way, there is no “upside down” in terms of them physically fitting, but they will only work in one orientation. If you put your bumper cover back on and realize half the lights don’t work, you will likely be pretty pissed at yourself and feel like a total idiot for not checking first. Ask me how I know. 


Anyway, once your dumbass takes the bumper back off and plugs them in correctly, they will look like this:

MUCH brighter, but still good clean cut off so you don’t blind people all the time. Everything works 100%, no “bulb out” lights or anything like that. Overall, super happy with them, and will likely continue to put SuperBrightLEDs in every car I buy until I’m unpoor enough to afford something with factory LED lights. Go check them out