So I finally replaced my NA Miata.

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With… A Miata. I’ve had my 96 Miata for a few years now, and I’ve taken it from a basket case to a pretty solid little car, but I just never really drive it. I’ve gotten old and it’s a pain in the ass to drive, the Hard Top is nice but it’s a pain in the ass to take off and put on, so I miss out on one of the coolest parts about a Miata, the open top driving. On the other hand, I’ve been spoiled by having a hard top. It’s so much quieter, more secure, and (in my opinion) better looking than a soft top. 


So in looking for a new car, I went with the obvious, an NC Miata with the Power Retractable Hard Top. 

I picked this one up online from a salvage dealer. I will update this post when it’s fixed later this week, I already have some parts coming in. 

I’m going to keep this one super mild and reliable so I have a fun car to drive while working on other more extensive projects. My plan is to replace the worn 140k mile steering wheel with an AutoExe wheel, put some revlimiter gauge faces in just because I like them, a RoadsterSport Street Single exhaust, and some kind of suspension, probably either the MeisterR coilovers or the FM setup. Aside from tires, thats about it. We’ll see if I can manage to actually do that or if it suddenly sprouts a 2.5L swap.