Google Domains is Going Away, Assets Going to Squarespace.

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Here’s a story with all the details from TheVerge, in short, they will take over billing for your domain and also any Google Workspace products that you may have signed up for via Google Domains.

I am seriously never using another paid Google product again, they have legitimately earned their reputation for never sticking with anything. Google domains was very good, free ssl and free domain privacy, reasonably priced, decent design. I have a ton of domains that I am now moving over to Porkbun because they seem to honestly be better anyway. They have tons of tools, everything on their site has worked basically instantly for me, pricing is slightly better than even google domains. Also, I like their vibe.

I guess that’s what I get for ever trusting Google to do anything for longer than 18 months, but at least I found a decent replacement.