I Got the Subaru Engine Mostly Together Today, Then Dropped it Off the Engine Stand.

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It’s been a fairly trying day. I came in and started working on putting my Subaru engine together. When I arrived at the shop this morning I had a bare block but my heads assembled.

I started by installing my heads.

Then I did water pump, all my pulleys, and timing belt.

I declared myself done for the day, and went to rotate the engine on the stand. It fell.

I somehow lucked out though, first, the damage to my engine was minimal, it broke the thermostat housing, which is a cheap and easy part, and put a dent in one of the timing belt idlers, which I’m gonna replace just to be extra careful. Also I tried to catch it because I am not smart, but the damage to my hand also seems pretty minimal. The culprit was a bolt on the engine stand that had worked loose and allowed the upright part to come apart from the bottom part.

Overall, I guess I got off easy. It looks like it will only cost me like $35 and a bruised ego. Maybe next time check all the bolts on your engine stand before you put an engine on it. I know I will.