Editing with LumaFusion on iPhone 11 Pro.

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My usual workflow for video is to shoot on my ZV-1, offload to MacBook Pro, then transfer to iPad Pro for editing in LumaFusion. I was out running errands today and it occurred to me that I could potentially do this all on my iPhone 11 Pro. LumaFusion works on iPhones too.

Overall, it works pretty damn well, at least LumaFusion on iPhone does. They’ve done a commendable job of fitting their video editing app to the iPhone screen. iOS kinda let me down though. I’ve had this issue before. For some reason when you’re trying to transfer a relatively large file, iOS will indicate that it’s out of storage, even though when you go and look, it tells you that you have hundreds of gigs available. This is pretty goddamn infuriating. So I would try to transfer a file to my iPhone via wireless from the ZV-1 and it would get like 80% through and then fail because it was “Out of Memory”. I fixed this by going in and deleting some stuff, but I really shouldn’t have to because iOS is telling me I have tons of space left. SO annoying.

Basically I give LumaFusion an A+, but iOS a D-. I really hope they fix this shit, because I legitimately like LumaFusion more than any video editing software on ANY platform.