Galloway’s Getaway #4 in Greers Ferry Arkansas

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This whole Covid19 thing has really put a crimp in my “I should do a food and travel blog!” idea. We’ve been wanting to do at least a weekend getaway since March, but you can guess how well that went. We actually had reservations at the Red Apple Inn for late March but we of course cancelled that.

Finally I concocted a plan. We don’t feel comfortable staying in a hotel with a bunch of people crammed in a relatively small space, but how about an AirBNB cottage out in the woods near no one? We could get curbside groceries, takeout from restaurants and go hiking. So I pulled up AirBNB and started looking around in the Heber Springs/Greers Ferry area.

I found a cute little cottage in Greer’s Ferry (well, technically in Edgemont, but minutes from Greer’s Ferry) that was reasonably priced and looked like it was away from everything. It ended up being Galloway’s Getaway #4. You can check it out on AirBnB using my affiliate link.

As I mentioned before, it’s just slightly outside of Greer’s Ferry. It took about 5 minutes to get to the main intersection in Greer’s Ferry with the store and Sonic and stuff. The cabin has a gravel driveway that leads up to it with ample parking. The outside is a typical cottage, basically a box with an A frame roof on it.

Out front, there’s a nice cozy sitting area with party lights, chairs, and a fire pit.

The front door opens to the kitchen/living room area. It features a couch, a farmhouse style table with benches, a TV, and a full kitchen including coffee maker, microwave, fridge, and stove.

Beside the kitchen is a full bathroom with laundry. Washer, dryer, sink, toilet, shower.

Next to the bathroom is the downstairs bedroom. Queen size bed, nightstands, dresser, and a TV.

Head up the stairs and you find another little sitting area with a futon. Weirdly there’s no desk or TV or anything up here. Not the end of the world at all, just a weird choice to me. They did have a bunch of board games in the storage cubes though, so Ava was thrilled.

Also upstairs is another bedroom with a Queen size bed. No TV in the upstairs room.

The cabin was VERY clean, which a nice thing in general but particularly during a pandemic. It had Wifi, but it was painfully slow. I don’t think that’s the fault of their wifi, I think that’s about as fast as it gets that far out in the country. It was also super nice to have since even my Verizon phone had no service or barely any service there, depending on exactly where I was. The wifi allowed me to still use iMessage and FaceTime in case I needed to get in touch with anyone.

The kitchen was pretty well stocked. Some basics like coffee and filters, sugar, some condiments in the fridge. They had pots and pans and a drawer full of cooking utensils. They also left some peanut butter chocolate bars in the fridge, which were AMAZING. That’s a super nice touch, although it totally wrecked my diet. The recipe for them is on a card on top of them, I should burn it or something so I never make those evil things again. But I totally want to make them. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, I totally had to flex my new Insta360 camera, so if you prefer video to words and pictures, I did a 360 video walkthrough of the whole cottage, click on the title and watch it on Youtube or in the Youtube app or it won’t be a 360 video, just a video with very strange framing.

Overall, very nice and nicely appointed cabin with a few neat little touches. If you would like to stay here, you should totally book it through my AirBNB affiliate link.

While you’re in Greer’s ferry, I HIGHLY recommend trying Round Rock Diner, that place had some amazing food and they were super friendly.

Also, Bridal Veil Falls is neat, especially for kids. Anyone who can walk can walk to the lookout point, and if you have slightly older kids you can walk down to the falls themselves.

Ava really liked splashing in the water at Devil’s Fork Recreation Area more than anything though. So check that out.

Also, if you head into Heber Springs and you’re in the mood for pizza, check out Pizza Pie-Zazz. Super good local pizza place.

It was a nice little getaway, while still staying the hell away from all you diseased fools. We’ll definitely be back soon, and we might even stay here again.

Galloway’s Getaway #4 on AirBNB