Cheeseburger and Curly Fries from Round Rock Diner in Greers Ferry, Arkansas.

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Today we left our little cottage in Greers Ferry and went out to Devil’s Fork Recreation area to let Ava splash around in the lake. Devil’s fork is pretty neat. It’s a little beach in a campground with a roped off swimming area. Since we were there mid week during the school year, no one was else was around other than one family on the complete other side of the beach.

When we left, we were starving. We decided to try out the Round Rock Diner in Greer’s Ferry. It’s a cute little diner in a strip mall located at 8249 Edgemont Rd.

Since we’re still actively avoiding The Rona, we ordered to go. Our cottage was only a 7 minute drive. The sign outside proclaimed that they have “The best burgers in town”, so I got a cheeseburger and subbed the crinkle cut fries for curly fries. Daisy got a grilled chicken salad. Ava demanded chicken tenders with fries and also wanted ice cream. I inquired about ice cream flavors and found that they have Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Cotton Candy. I obviously got her the cotton candy flavor.

We made the short drive back to the cottage and sat down to eat. Daisy’s salad was really good, though they did leave out her dressing. Luckily we had some salad dressing back at the cottage so it wasn’t a huge deal. Lots of chicken, and it’s cut it in bite-sized pieces. One of my pet peeves is trying fit a massive chunk of chicken into my mouth in a salad. Cut it up for me! Anyway, salad was good.

Ava’s chicken tenders were good too. The kid’s meal came with two tenders, toast, and some crinkle cut fries that you can barely see in the picture because I’m an idiot and didn’t move stuff around so that you can actually SEE everything. Who would want to see food on a food blog, right?

She got it with honey mustard, which was super tasty. The batter style reminded me a bit of Popeye’s, super crunchy. The chicken tasted fresh and seems to be hand battered. The crinkle cut fries were good too, I stole a few.

Ava absolutely loved the ice cream. As a matter of fact she barely ate her food at all, but ate the entire cup of ice cream. Whatever, that’s what vacation is for right?

My burger was HUGE. I would estimate 1/3 of a pound at least. Honestly it might have been a little on the large side for me normally, but I skipped breakfast and had been running around the beach all morning so I inhaled it. I ordered it with “Whatever, just no mayo”, and it came with lettuce (same spring mix as the salad it looked like), onion, pickle, tomato, ketchup, and mustard. Also cheese of course.

I have to say, they definitely do have the best burger in town, this is an awesome burger! It tastes home made, in all the good ways. The curly fries are awesome too. There was totally nothing wrong with the crinkle cut fries, but the curly fries are next level. They remind me a lot of Arby’s fries, and the fries are by far the best thing at Arby’s. I would definitely recommend getting the curly fries over the crinkle cut.

Honestly everything we got at Round Rock Diner was super good. They have daily lunch specials too, and they all sounded amazing. They were selling a caramel cream pie when I was up there that kept calling my name, but I was already splurging enough with a burger and fries. Based on the quality of food we got, I would feel super confident recommending you go to Round Rock Diner and get literally anything on the menu and I would bet it’s gonna be good.

If you’re coming in from a long day on the lake, get the burger with curly fries, just prepare for a long nap afterward.