RX100M7 vs iPhone 11 Pro – Video

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Let me start by saying this isn’t really a “vs” kind of situation. There are some things that the Sony camera does that an iPhone just physically cannot, like having an optical 200mm equivalent zoom or full manual control over photo and video settings. I do however, feel like they will be used in much the same way most of the time. Most people that buy a point and shoot camera are going to shoot video in auto mode. Most people that buy an iPhone are going to launch the stock camera app, tap video, and start recording. 


As such, that’s how I tested them. No manual mode on the Sony, no Filmic Pro or anything like that on the iPhone. I have to say, I didn’t think the iPhone was going to look this good in comparison. If you’re shooting mostly close up stuff, the iPhone is seriously as good or better in most situations, at least to my eye. It has me strongly considering selling my RX100 and buying something like the Sony A6400

This is by no means a definitive test, and I will definitely continue comparing them, but I am very impressed with the 11 Pro.