Replaced the Soft Top on the White NA

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It was surprisingly not bad at all considering it was my first soft top install and I used literally the cheapest Miata top on amazon.  The top came off pretty easily, the B pillar clips were a massive ass ache and drilling out the rivets is always exciting, but overall it worked out fine. 


Putting the new top on was a little bit more challenging but still totally doable. The main issue was trying to get the tension cables and B pillars on correctly, we finally figured out that you need to fold the top up to make those easy. I managed to salvage the existing rain rail. Now it’s just sitting in the garage with weights on the roof to stretch it out so it can close. Naturally it got cold as soon as we decided to do the top. 

Here’s a video of the install process, but it’s definitely not comprehensive. It should still you a good idea of how it goes though.