So I tried to buy some cars this week…

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This has been a pretty crazy week. I decided I was going to try to buy something to drive for a bit while I work on clearing out all the other cars I own that need work completed.

I started out looking at a Fiat 500 Abarth, but it ended up being overpriced. I went to another auction and looked at a 2005 Civic Si and a heavily modded, but broken, Mazdaspeed3.

I ended up being the high bidder on the Mazdaspeed at $2300, and high bidder on the Civic Si at $4250, but the Civic seller immediately rejected my offer because he apparently thinks his 18 year old civic is made of gold.

Like 5 minutes before the conditional bid cutoff, I get a call from the auction. The guy from the auction says the seller of the Mazdaspeed wants $4000, but that it isn’t actually broken. Okay, fine, but why was it on the inop line? He says he will call me back and let me know.

According to the seller, the Mazdaspeed will run and drive, nothing is wrong with it, but someone stole the Accessport that controls fuel for the modded engine, so he sold it as InOp so no one would drive it and blow it up. He says all it needs is a tune basically.

I took a leap of faith and offered him $3500, he accepted, and now I just have to pick the car up and see what’s going on with it. I either got a very good deal or I got a little bit screwed. I’ll update soon.

Here’s the youtube version with WAY more details.