Switching to Eero Completely Solved my Slow Google Wifi problem.

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I’ve had Google Wifi for a few years, and I’ve been overall very happy with it, up until the last few months. Google pushed out a software update that made wifi speeds TERRIBLE. I wrote a post about it last month. Basically my wifi speeds on all of my devices were limited to about 30mbps download. Not very impressive for a relatively expensive mesh networking setup on a 600mb connection.

I tried all the stuff to fix it, factory resets, replacing cables, using a different puck as the router, etc. Nothing mattered, 30mbps all the damn time.

I finally got fed up with it, and happened to catch the Eero 3 pack on sale.

It arrived today, and I set it up in about ten minutes. The setup process is actually significantly easier than the setup process on Google Wifi, and seems a lot less buggy.

I set up all three pucks and did a speed test, and was immediately impressed. I will likely get the Eero pro at some point in the future, but for now, this is SO much better. I’ll let the pics do the talking.

First, on Google Wifi. For both of these tests, I’m sitting around 15 feet from the access point that’s plugged into the router. I’m using the Speedtest.net app on my iPhone 11 Pro for both. Here’s what that got me on Google Wifi:

This is actually significantly better than what I normally got. I very rarely saw speeds over 30mbps on Google Wifi.

I switched over to the Eero setup, literally in the exact same spot the google puck was in, and this is what I got:

That is a hell of a lot more acceptable. I was also testing on a Friday evening, and my connection itself isn’t as fast as normal at around 450mb when it’s usually 600+.

It’s super annoying to have to just buy something different, but if you, like me, are totally fed up with Google Wifi being a dumpster fire, I can say for sure that an Eero setup will fix it.