Hero 8 Light Mod – First Impressions

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So the Light Mod for the GoPro Hero 8 Black went on sale the other day, and I went ahead and ordered despite the Media Mod not being available for order yet because I knew this was something I was ultimately going to want. It showed up the other day and I decided to go ahead and try it out.
The $49 light mod is basically a little LED flashlight with a cold shoe mount and a GoPro mount adapter. It will ultimately mount on the cold shoe of the Media Mod, which finally went on sale the other night for pre order shipping 1/27, so soon my little setup will be complete. Anyway, it’s a flashlight okay? But it’s a pretty good one. First, it’s very small. It won’t make the camera much bigger even when mounted on the media mod on top of the camera, so that’s a big plus. It also charges via USB C which I’m a big fan of.
You can also mount it on a GoPro mount and have it illuminate your scene from somewhere other than on top of the camera, so that’s gonna be cool too in some situations. I haven’t tested battery life yet, because I used this totally rigged up way to mount it just to get some test footage, with the camera on the GoPro shorty and the light on the magnetic swivel clip, clipped to the shorty.
So far I’m pretty impressed. It’s small, lightweight, charges with the same charger as the camera and even seems to have decent CRI. You’re definitely gonna want to use the little included diffuser too, I did for this sample video. Speaking of sample videos, I’ll stop rambling and post some test footage. I will follow up with some more in depth stuff when the Media Mod ships later this month.