Vlog #14 – Kraken Kit, Dashcam Ordered.

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It’s been a minute since my last video, so I figured it was high time for an update. On the Miata front, my Kraken kit showed up, and it looks fantastic.

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on my Megasquirt ECU, so I can’t actually do anything with my new turbo parts. I emailed BOFI and they tell me they’re expecting to be able to ship by the end of the month, hopefully that’s true. I’m ready to get some boost going on in the little Miata.

In other car news, I’ve had like 3 near-miss accidents in the last three days because of people pulling out in front of me. Not even in the tiny Miata either, in my 09 Prius DD. I decided it was time for a dash cam. I went with the Viofo A119 V3 along with the ACC 3 Wire Hardwire Kit.

The A119 V3 shoots 1440p video at 30fps, along with a wide dynamic range mode and a parking mode that will record when it senses motion or a shock to your car. I honestly wanted the Viofo A129 Pro Duo, which has a 4k front camera and a 1080p rear camera, but I’m actually planning to sell my 09 Prius soon and get a third gen (2010-2015), and quite honestly I’m too lazy to pull the headliner out to install the rear camera, then do it all again in a couple of months.

I figure this camera can go in the Xterra or whatever when I upgrade my Prius.

That’s about it. So no turbo install for at least a couple of more weeks, but I will have a video on the install and testing of the A119V3 in the next week or so.