Roosters Chicken Shack | 10/25/20 | Bartlett, TN

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This is probably obvious from the content of this website, but I consider myself something of a foodie. I like trying new things and discovering new cultures via food. I enjoy the creativity that goes into well thought-out and well executed fine dining dishes. That’s great and all, but sometimes I just want a large bag of fried stuff. Rooster’s Chicken Shack totally scratches that itch, and does it well.

We’ve been to Rooster’s in a previous post, but that time we just got milkshakes (you should definitely go get a milkshake, they’re amazing), but this time it was a cold rainy fall day and we more or less just wanted to be lazy and not cook. We decided to give Rooster’s food a shot.

They have a small, straightforward menu; basically the have chicken strips and burgers. We were all in a chicken mood. I got the chicken strips with honey mustard and seasoned waffle fries. I didn’t get a drink because I’m already too chubby to drink milkshakes with every meal and I would rather have something that includes some Tito’s vodka if I’m gonna have a soft drink.

The chicken tenders are pretty standard chicken tenders, they’re well executed though. The seasoned fries are awesome, and addictive, and I wish I would have gotten three orders.

Daisy got the Rooster’s chicken sandwich. The chicken for the sandwich has a different, crunchier coating (vs the tenders) that I really liked (I sampled it), and so did Daisy. The sandwich comes on something like a yeast roll, it’s super soft, dense, and tasty. Also comes with “Rooster Sauce”, which seems heavily honey mustard based, and pickles. Overall an excellent “fast food” sandwich. She also got the seasoned waffle fries and loved them as much as I did.

Ava also got chicken tenders with fries, in kid’s meal form. She seemed to approve. She eats like a bird most of the time and she actually mostly finished her food this time, so I take that as a good sign. The kid’s meal comes with a kid’s drink in a cute little cup with a silly straw, that’s a nice touch for kids.

Look I’m not gonna sit here and tell you this is fine dining, it’s chicken tenders from a shack. They ARE however, well-executed chicken tenders. They’re hot and tasty and the fries are amazing. The milkshakes are phenomenal. The service is fast and friendly. The place is cute and funky and uniquely Memphis. It’s a little restaurant run by actual members of your local community, not a giant faceless corporation. I’ll take that over The Clown any day of the week when I need fast, deep fried comfort food. Go check them out next time you’re tempted to hit up a drive through, I think you’ll find they beat the chain in every way. I’ll definitely be back, I have to try the burgers.