Bartlett Live 7/6/2024

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The City of Bartlett is doing a summer concert series at Freeman Park on like 8 different Saturday nights this summer. We missed the first one, but made a plan to make it to the one on July 6th. We live close enough to walk to Freeman Park, so we really didn’t have much of an excuse. I took my Fuji X-S20 since it seemed like a great way to take more pictures with the very good Viltrox 56mm f1.7 I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

We arrived about halfway through the first act, Nick Black. He’s a local singer/songwriter and played a good mix of original music and crowd-favorite covers. I was absolutely starving so I stopped the very first food truck, which ended up being a very good decision. Tacotitlan had some bomb ass food, y’all. I got a BBQ quesadilla to split with Daisy, and Ava got a veggie burrito. Both were awesome! The BBQ was way better than I expected BBQ from a taco truck to be, if I’m being honest. Ava’s burrito was like the size of her head and filled with rice, beans and veggies with cheese on top.

Ava got a slushy from the taco truck, while me and Daisy opted for some beers from Grind City Brewing. I got the Krispy Treat, which was a rice beer with marshmallow which was so good I just kept drinking them the rest of the night, where I’ll normally try to sample as many beers as possible, and Daisy got the Southern Suga, which was a sweet tea seltzer which was also really good (I did sample a drink of hers). Ava immediately required Ice Cream, I think mostly because she noticed the Llama’s Frozen Treats truck. She got the strawberry cheesecake sundae which I also tried, it was excellent.

After Nick Black, Elevation Memphis took the stage. At some point Ava decided she was going to go dance and befriended some teenage girls and spent the next hour or so dancing with them.

Eventually Ava ran into one of the girls from her class and started hanging out and dancing with her.

Also I’m old and had like four beers so some parts of the narrative are a little fuzzy, here’s the rest of the pictures I took.

We had a blast, and we’ll definitely be going to the next one.