I Can Not Believe How Much I Like the Popsocket Wallet.

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If you told me a few years ago I would be writing about how awesome a popsocket is, I would have told you that you likely have some kind of traumatic brain injury. They seemed like a kitschy gimmick aimed at tweens.

I have been using this magsafe wallet for about a year now, and it’s worked really well. It’s nice to have like my most commonly used card or the one I plan to use that night as well as my ID within easy reach and not having to carry a thick ass wallet everywhere. That one is starting to wear out though, mostly honestly just dirty because I will be working on a car and then pull my phone out and the wallet gets covered in grease. It was time for a new one.

I started looking for other magsafe wallets, just to try something else. There’s the official Apple one, but it’s pretty expensive for a tiny amount of leather. There’s the same one I had before, but I just like trying different things. I stumbled across the Popsocket Phone Wallet with Expanding Grip, which is a clunky name, but it’s AWESOME.

I was actually kinda toying with the idea of getting a magsafe popsocket when I saw my friend Nate using one, but I mean, I already had a wallet stuck on the back of my phone. I didn’t actually know they made a wallet version until today. I realize I’m pretty late to this trend, but yall, this is so rad. Okay, first off, I feel like the regular iPhone Pro, the 6.1″ screen version, is honestly a little too big. I was much happier with the X/XS/11 Pro size of 5.9″. It seems like a small difference but it’s a big difference in your hand. The popsocket makes it much more manageable.

The popsocket also acts as a stand which is pretty rad for watching video.

The wallet also seems very nice. I like that the cards are basically totally hidden, it really looks more like a pop socket than a wallet, so it’s not an obvious target for theft. The wallet holds three cards, but to me feels better with two. This works out for me because I carry most of my stuff in a Timbuk2 sling bag. I keep my ID and whatever card I intend to use in the phone wallet. For general-purpose stuff, it will usually be my Citi Double Cash card. For going out to dinner, Chase Sapphire Preferred, etc.

I realize this is old news, but dudes I am OBSESSED with this thing. You should buy one on Amazon.