We had Lunch at Babalu in Overton Square Today.

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I work a kinda weird schedule, Tuesday through Saturday, with Sunday and Monday off. Now that it’s starting to warm up a bit I decided I should take advantage of my mostly child-free Monday while Ava is at school so that Daisy and I could have some time to hang out without our kid interrupting every sentence as 6 year olds tend to do.

Today we didn’t have anything in particular in mind other than the idea that we were gonna go somewhere in Midtown. We decided to just park and walk around Overton Square until we decided on something.

Babalu won based on having a nice patio, drinks that sounded tasty and a menu that worked well for a kinda small plate vibe. Neither one of us wanted a big plate of pasta or a giant burger with fries or anything. We grabbed a table on the patio. I order the Baba Rita, which is a margarita with patron blanco and pomegranate juice. Daisy got the Luna, which is the house margarita, with strawberry.

The Baba Rita is dangerous, the pomegranate and smooth tequila make it very smooth and drinkable while still coming across as definitively margarita. I didn’t try Daisy’s but she said it was awesome.

Both of us opted for a variety of tacos. I got short rib, pork belly, and chicken and daisy got pork belly and chicken.

All the tacos were tasty, I think the pork belly might be my favorite but that might just be due to my undying love for pickled red onions. It was a close race, I think I should probably go back a few dozen times just to be sure.

All photos taken with my Ricoh GR III