I’ve consolidated all of my websites back into one. Also Bluehost is hot garbage.

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So, I’ve decided that it’s stupid to have like half a dozen infrequently-updated websites and that I should really just have one that covers all of my interests. I imported all of my posts from the old mikelsigler.com, as well as all of the posts from gearsandghz.com and worthdrivingfor.com, and I’m just putting them all on this website.

This might sound insane, but having multiple narrowly themed websites actually made me write less. I used to stress over whether or not an article idea really fit in with the theme of the website. For example, I’m currently learning web development. Does that go on my personal blog because it’s related to me or on GearsAndGhz because it’s kinda technology related?

What about recipes? Should that go on my personal blog or on the worthdrivingfor.com blog? I mean it’s not really a restaurant review but it’s food related right?

I know this sounds crazy, and I also know that literally no one cares or reads any of this stuff, but still, it would drive me nuts, so I’ve solved this problem. Everything goes on MikelSigler.com, because everything I’m interested in fits that theme. Also I save like $100 a month on squarespace hosting plans by having one WordPress based website. Also WordPress is a huge market so it would be cool to learn how to build wordpress plugins, this gives me an excuse to.

Now all the stuff that used to be it’s own website is just a category on this site, and I put the categories over in the sidebar, so if you’re just here for car content, click on cars, etc.

I wanted to test drive wordpress and import content before switching over, so I went looking for a host. The one that google suggests for WordPress on google domains is Bluehost, so that’s the first one I tried.

Holy shit, it’s bad. Just dog slow, it seemed I used up all my server compute time importing like a hundred or so posts, then it just ran like shit. I blasted the install and tried again, but it would never import correctly. Support was worse than useless, they basically just didn’t reply ever.

I was bitching about it on twitter and Skystra replied to my bitching post and said to give them a shot, the first month was free, so I did.

What a huge difference. Skysta is lightning fast and their support is top notch. It’s about $20 a month, but you get an actual working server and support responses measured in minutes, not days. Basically what I’m getting at is if you’re interested in doing a wordpress website, go sign up for Skystra and stay as far away from Bluehost as is humanly possible.

WordPress seems to be working out pretty well for me. I have some broken links I need to address, but other than that I think I have most content from the other sites restored. Let me know if you find anything I need to check on, and know that consolidating my websites has made my weird brain a little less nervous.