Fat Larry’s BBQ is legit.

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I’ve been wanting BBQ for like a month but something kept happening to prevent me from getting BBQ every time I tried to acquire it. I was gonna go to Corky’s one day after work but I ended up having to leave work early and pick Ava up and I didn’t want to drive back to East Memphis.

Then we decided we would do Moma’s BBQ in Bartlett on Monday, but as far as I can tell they have closed. They posted in August they were “temporarily closed” and haven’t been open since as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I remembered that Fat Larry’s was open on Monday and I’ve heard good stuff, so we placed an order and I went to go pick it up. (Daisy still isn’t feeling great so we opted for takeout).

I grew up super close to this place, it’s very near the intersection of Appling and Highway 70 in Bartlett. The storefront is pretty unassuming and the interior is classic BBQ restaurant.

The food was ready when I arrived, and I quickly made my way home. I got some cheese curds for an appetizer because I’ve actually never had them. I mean they’re basically cheese sticks, which I’ve obviously had, but still. They’re smaller and lighter and a little more fresh cheese tasting vs cheese sticks which usually just read as gooey and salty.

Overall, pretty tasty. Ava got the catfish nugget kids meal with a fruit punch and fries. She seemed to approve. I tried one and they were good, I might have to come back and get their fried catfish plate at some point.

Daisy and I both got a regular BBQ sandwich with fries and a sweet tea.

I’ve lived in Memphis pretty much all of my life and I’ve eaten a lot of good BBQ. Fat Larry’s is some seriously good BBQ. It’s up there with my favorites in Memphis. They don’t use a ton of sauce like some places, and the meat has really good flavor. I had this last night for dinner and I legitimately want to get food there again tonight because I think their BBQ nachos are going to be absolutely amazing. If you notice, I’ve already mentioned going back to get other stuff twice, that should be a sign that I like this place. Daisy was super impressed so it’s not just me. Her other favorite BBQ place is Elwood’s Shack, so she has good taste.

In short, I think I’ve found my new go-to BBQ place. The food quality is top notch, the service was friendly, and it’s honestly reasonably cheap. Go check this place out, you will not regret it.