Embassy Suites Convention Center, Hot Springs, Arkansas

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My last few posts have been about our little weekend getaway to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I figured I should also do a post on the hotel we stayed at.

That hotel is Embassy Suites. We’ve actually stayed here a few times before. It’s pretty conveniently located downtown, so it’s close to a lot of stuff. It’s reasonably priced, especially for a suite, and it has an indoor pool.

This all makes it very kid friendly. You get a bedroom and your kid gets a sleeper sofa. Also, since the pool is indoors, it’s open all year which is nice when you go in the off season.

It’s an all-suites tower-style hotel. Basically all of the room have a door in a giant open space in the middle.

Downstairs in the lobby, there’s a little hot food bar that’s used for the breakfast service, a restaurant that normally does lunch, dinner, and room service, and a small bar.

The rooms are spacious, if a little bit dated. In the “living room” you get a couch and chair, a TV, a coffee table and a dining room table with chairs.

Over by the bathroom there’s a little kitchenette area. This has a sink, refrigerator, coffee maker, and microwave along with a bit of counter space.

The bathroom has a shower/bath, and comes with a hair dryer.

You can obviously choose from a variety of bedding arrangements, but since it was just me, Daisy, and Ava, went with a king bed. The mattresses and pillows are very comfy, and there’s a small desk and chair beside the TV which is nice for charging your stuff at night.

The last time we stayed we had a view of the mountains around on the front side, this time we got what has to be literally the worst view available; second floor, right beside all the fans for the AC units.

This room should honestly be discounted or something, I did feel kinda ripped off going from a nice view last time to this:

Then again, how long are you really gonna spend staring at the room of your hotel bedroom window? It was close to the fans though, and they did make an appreciable amount of noise at night. It didn’t really bother me because I lived downtown for so long some mechanical noise just sounds like home to me, but I’m guessing it would drive some people nuts. Request a room on the front side of the hotel if you can.

The pool definitely made up for the room, at least for Ava. It’s big, and heated, and indoor. And since we went in the off season we went swimming twice for over an hour each time and we were the only people in the pool room. By the time we left Ava was beginning to be an expert doggy-paddler.

Another little perk of Embassy Suites is their “evening reception”.

Every night from 5-6:30pm they have free adult beverages at the lobby bar. The night we went it was rum punch or margaritas, and as everyone knows, free drinks are good drinks. They also had lemonade and snacks for kids so they can watch you get hammered.

In all seriousness though, it’s nice to hang out in the lobby and unwind with a couple of complimentary beverages after doing the tourist thing all day.

Even Ava’s possum, Alicia, seemed to enjoy it.

The Embassy Suites Hot Springs isn’t honestly the nicest hotel, but it’s definitely not the worst. It’s also got a really good mix of being good enough at a bunch of things. The rooms are a little dated, but there’s a relatively large amount of space.

It’s not quite as close to stuff as The Arlington, but it’s still not too far to walk. They do honestly have the best pool in Hot Springs as far as I’m concerned. It’s nicer than the pool at the Arlington and open year round.

We will probably end up staying here again at some point, but now that Ava is a bit older and able to do a lot more walking, we’ll probably try the other Hilton Property in Hot Springs, The Waters. It’s a newer, nicer hotel that’s much closer to all the stuff downtown.

I just have to figure out how to tell Ava there’s no pool.