Best Western – Weatherford, Okalahoma

If you saw my previous review of a Comfort Inn in Conway, Arkansas, this is basically the opposite of that. I have no idea why this little Best Western Plus off of I40 in Oklahoma is so good, but it really, truly is. So much so that I always try to plan my trips so as to leave me in the area of Weatherford, Oklahoma, about an hour outside of OKC whenever I’m gonna want to stop just so I can stay here. First off, it’s in a town that’s large enough to have a few things, but not so large that traffic is annoying. There are some local restaurants, some fast food, and a Walmart in Weatherford, but it’s still a small enough town you aren’t going to be sitting in traffic on the way back out to I40 when you leave.

So okay, the location is good, but why this particular hotel? I don’t know why, but every time I’ve stayed here over the course of more than 10 years, it’s always just been perfect. The staff is always super friendly, the rooms are well appointed and very clean, the free breakfast is really good, and it’s always reasonably priced.

Check out this room:

Notice how it has curtains that actually close? Pretty rad right? Looking at you Comfort Inn, Conway, Arkansas. Notice how everything is pretty damn clean, the furniture is actually pretty nice and looks good, the bathroom is clean? Like everything about this hotel is just right. I even love the soap, shampoo, and conditioner they give you. It’s citrus scented, smells amazing, and works well.

They have an outdoor pool but it was too cold to swim this time around. The free breakfast in the lobby is also great. They had eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy, all kinds of coffee and tea, and a waffle maker. I should have taken more pics of this, but I did get Ava’s plate. Biscuits and gravy and some of my waffle that she decided really belonged to her.

I swear this isn’t like an ad or anything, I paid for the room like normal and they have no idea I have a travel related website or anything, this is just an excellent little hotel. If you’re doing a long drive on I40 and you can make Weatherford a good place to stop for the night, you really need to stay here. This little hotel punches way above its weight.