Wimpy’s Bartlett – 1/29/21

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I’ve actually been wanting to try Wimpy’s for a couple of months now, but the Bartlett location is the newest one and didn’t have online ordering up until pretty recently.

They recently rectified that, so I decided it was burger night for dinner last night. We got a couple of burgers and some chicken tenders and I made the short drive over to pick up our food.

The Bartlett location is at Highway 64 and Appling in a strip mall that also contains El Mezcal and Lenny’s.

From the outside, it’s pretty much standard strip mall burger joint.

Inside, it’s a blend of classic fast casual with a modern design.

I showed up a little bit before my promised pick up time, so I actually got a chance to check out the dining room and take pics of the menu.

I scooped up our food after a few minute wait and made the trip back home. I could, at this point, at least confirm that the food smelled amazing.

The reason I was so intent on ordering online is that Wimpy’s doesn’t seem to have any standard toppings. You pretty much just pick from a long list of free toppings like lettuce, pickles, and onions, and then a list of extra-cost toppings like cheese and bacon.

I went with pretty standard burger toppings, cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle, mustard.

I was pretty impressed with the burger. Everything from the burger to the toppings tasted fresh, like it would if you made it at home. The burger was cooked medium well, which is my preference anyway. The bun was soft without being so soft that it falls apart. Pretty damn solid burger overall.

The French fries are batter dipped and very crispy. They’re tasty, but the portion size was a little small for me. I’m not usually one to get a mountain of French fries either, but they seem to only have one size of French fry and it’s about a McDonald’s small. I would have liked a slightly larger portion to keep the burger to fry ratio even with a relatively large 1/3lb burger.

The chicken tenders were pretty standard chicken tenders. That’s not really a bad thing, but there wasn’t anything that stood out about them. I’m not really mad about that to be honest, chicken tenders are something that people expect to be just what they are, and no one really dislikes chicken tenders so I see no reason to mess around with the formula, this isn’t an avant-garde tasting menu, it’s a burger joint.

Overall, I found Wimpy’s to be a pretty solid burger joint. Good, fresh tasting burgers, quick service, reasonably priced ($30 including a $5 tip for two burgers, chicken tenders, three orders of fries) and convenient in the form of multiple Memphis-area locations. If you’re in the mood for a classic cheeseburger, you won’t be disappointed with Wimpy’s.