Veni Vedi Vinaigrette from Good Eats S1E4 – Salad Daze

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I’m trying to get through all the really basic first season recipes in Good Eats pretty quickly, and this was an easy one. It’s a basic vinaigrette that comes together very fast. You can make it in any container with a lid, but I went with a mason jar, because it’s what I had.

Everything is basically just tossed into the jar, and then the olive oil in poured on top. It looked something like this at that point.

I put the lid on and shook it like a polaroid picture. This emulsifies it and makes it look a lot more appetizing.

Then I let this dude sit for an hour for the garlic to get all friendly with the rest of the ingredients. After an hour, you need to strain out your crushed garlic. You can just go back into another mason jar, or you can do what I did, and put it in a squeeze bottle. I like the squeeze bottle because it’s much easier to dispense from it. It also stores more like a regular store-bought dressing when it’s in a squeeze bottle. Just pop it in the door of the fridge, bring it up to room temp while you cook, then apply to your salad.

Speaking of salad, to taste test this recipe, I did a spinach salad with red onion, feta, and black olives.

This is a really good vinaigrette, it’s pretty much exactly what you expect from a vinaigrette. The garlic gives it a nice depth of flavor, and the bright acidity from the vinegar wakes up lots of flavors. It was great on my salad, but I’m really excited to use it on something like an Italian sub.

The best part is, with the possible exception of some red wine vinegar, you almost certainly have everything required to make this already in your kitchen, so if you catch yourself planning on a salad for dinner tonight and then realize you’re out of dressing, you can throw this together pretty quickly and have an excellent home made dressing.

I think this is honestly going to become my go-to dressing, it’s better than store bought and super cheap and easy.

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