The Brunswick Kitchen – 4/14/21

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I have to say, The Brunswick Kitchen is EXACTLY the kind of place I had in mind when I started this blog. It’s a little hidden gem, close to basically nothing, but the food is so good it’s totally worth the effort to go eat there.

It’s located on Brunswick rd in Arlington on the edge of Bartlett. It’s actually on the way to Bolton High School, which is where I went to high school, so I actually drove past this place every day for years, but at the time it was Brunswick General Store.

I placed an order through their website for takeout. This place is super well known for it’s fried catfish, so that’s what everyone got.

The catfish comes with hush puppies and two sides. Since this was our first time eating here, we got a variety of sides. I went with French Fries and Mac and cheese, Daisy got fried okra and black eyed peas.

We just got an extra piece of catfish for Ava and we shared all the sides.

I arrived right at the promised delivery time, and they were literally putting my order in a bag as I walked up to the counter. The interior looked like an old general store, which is pretty cool. They had some tables set up and spaced out pretty well for dine-in, we might have to try that sometime in the future.

Service was fast and friendly. I got the food and headed home. It was exceptionally hard not to pull over and try some, I was super hungry.

I did make it home though, brought the food inside, and started opening boxes.

Ya’ll, for real, this the best catfish in the Memphis area. The seasoning is just right, the breading is very crisp even after a 15 minute drive home, the catfish tastes fresh and moist, it’s just absolutely amazing.

Ava barely eats anything, and she ate a whole filet. She ate about half of it at dinner time, and then when it got close to bed time she got her little plate and took it to bed with her to finish it as a bedtime snack.

The hush puppies are also some of the best I’ve had. They’re perfectly seasoned and crispy without being heavy or greasy.

The French fries are pretty standard crinkle cut fries. They were cooked well and tasty.

The mac and cheese was really good and super creamy. A ton of places overcook the cheese sauce and it’s kinda grainy and broken by the time you get it, but this place has cheese sauce that’s silky smooth. Unfortunately I was hungry and didn’t check my work, and my photo is a little blurry.

The black eyed peas were good too. They were pretty mildly seasoned so the flavor of the pea comes through, which is a nice departure from some places that really drown out any natural flavor with seasoning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into bland food, but some places hit their sides with so much stuff you can’t even taste what it originally was. Not the case at Brunswick Kitchen.

The okra had great flavor, but wasn’t very crispy by the time I got it home. I’ll take the majority of the blame for that, fried okra doesn’t travel well. I’ll get it some time when we plan to stay and eat there and report back.

Overall, I think the Brunswick Kitchen is an amazing example of a restaurant that’s worth driving for.