Southern Biscuits from Good Eats S1E5 – The Dough Also Rises

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I’m not even gonna bury the lede here, this is an amazing biscuit recipe. Probably the best biscuit recipe I’ve tried.

The secret is buttermilk. If you’re from the south and biscuits never taste like they did when you were a kid, it’s because they aren’t using buttermilk. It gives it a very distinct, yet subtle flavor that’s pretty hard to decribe, but tastes like grandma’s biscuits.

For this recipe, I let Daisy do all the cooking, since she’s the resident magician for all things dough and pastry.

This allowed me to just be lazy and take pictures, my natural state. The recipe goes together pretty quickly and it’s not all the complicated. You mix together the dry stuff (flour, baking soda, baking powder), cut in the fat (shortening and butter), and then add the wet stuff (buttermilk). Bring it all together into a shaggy dough.

Turn it out onto a floured surface and roll it out about an inch thick, then start cutting out rounds.

Then place them on a sheet pan. About that pan…a cookie sheet will probably work, but if you do much baking you should hit up a restaurant supply store and get some half sheets. They’re cheap and super useful, and orders of magnitude more sturdy than your average cookie sheet. If you don’t have a restaurant supply store nearby, you can order these from amazon, but they will be cheaper at a restaurant supply store.

Pop these dudes into a 450 oven.

In my oven at 450, I did 8 minutes, then rotated the pan then did 8 more minutes. This ended up being perfect.

You can obviously do whatever the hell you want with them at this point, but I highly recommend putting some very good butter on one and just eating it as is. Kerrygold is my favorite widely available butter, it’s absolutely amazing.

I really can’t say enough good things about this biscuit recipe. These biscuits taste exactly like the ones my grandma used to make. This recipe does make very large, thick biscuits, they’re sized for something like making a biscuit sandwich. If I were going to have them as a side, I would roll them out a little thinner, and adjust the cooking time to suit them, but if you want a big fluffy biscuit, just follow the recipe exactly and you won’t be disappointed.

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