Scrambled Eggs Unscrambled from Good Eats S1E3 – “The Egg-Files”

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I’m on a mission to cook a recipe from every episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats. I’m now on the third episode. A lot of these early episodes contain some pretty basic recipes, so I’m kinda trying to knock out a bunch quickly. I did the mashed potatoes from episode 2 last night, and this morning I woke up and made the scrambled eggs from episode 3.

The scrambled egg recipe actually is very straightforward and traditional. It’s pretty much how I cook my scrambled eggs anyway. I use the opposite approach with the heat; hot then cooler vs cooler then hot, and I don’t add quite as much milk to mine, but it’s still very close.

The only “special equipment” you need is a non-stick pan. I presume everyone already owns one, but if you don’t, this Oxo model on Amazon is a solid choice.

This recipe basically just consists of mixing together eggs, milk, and salt in a cup, then cooking it in a pan with some butter. I did all my mixing in the measuring cup I used for the milk. Here’s what it looked like when I had everything integrated.

Melt some butter in a pan over low heat, then introduce your eggs and stir, using something like this, until a curd starts to form.

Once you crank the heat, you’re like 2 minutes or so from being totally done. The eggs start to come together pretty fast as you shake the pan and fold them around with the spatula.

As soon as the pan no longer has any liquid rolling around in it, evacuate your eggs to a plate and add whatever you want on them. In my case I went with fresh cracked pepper and smoked paprika, along with another pinch of kosher salt, aka my standard scrambled egg seasonings.

Although this is, by it’s nature, a pretty simple recipe, it really does yield excellent results. It’s easy to follow, pretty damn well fool-proof if you just do exactly as the recipe says, and the resulting eggs are tasty, fluffy, and still moist. Overall, an excellent recipe for a home cooking staple.

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