Midtown Donuts – 1/14/21

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I’m honestly not a huge fan of sweets first thing in the morning. The last time I got donuts was my previous post on The Donut Box back in August. My daughter, however, would eat donuts every day for breakfast if we let her. Since mom had a doctor’s appointment, Ava and I decided it was time for a donut day.

Midtown Donuts was my first choice, primarily because you can literally see it from the parking lot of the doctor’s office on Union. For real. This is a picture from the parking lot of the doctor’s office.

All of this is to say, I had effectively no expectations. I didn’t look at the menu online or have someone recommend it, it was just right in front of me when my crazed child wanted donuts, so off we went.

We got there at around 11am on a Thursday morning, so they didn’t have EVERYTHING like they would if you show up before, say, 9am, but they did still have a pretty good selection. Naturally I let Ava choose for us.

We picked up half a dozen donuts and went back to the parking lot of the doctor’s office to check them out and wait for mom to come out. Ava is super into pink things and sprinkles, so it’s no surprise that for both of hers, she wanted pink glazed donuts with sprinkles.

I found them to be too sweet, but I mean, they’re obviously made for people who want something very sweet, like a kid. No one gets pink donuts with sprinkles if they don’t like sweet. They seemed to be well-received by their target audience. Ava ate the entire thing, and then later at home ate the second one, and then wanted more.

Ava also picked a coconut cream donut, so I got two, one for me and one for Daisy. These were super good. The donuts here are VERY soft, they taste super fresh, and the coconut cream topping was just enough sweetness without being cloying. I really, really liked this donut. If you like Coconut cream anything, you will totally love this one.

Next up, the one donut I actually picked. Daisy and I both really like blueberry donuts, so I got a couple of those for us. These were also amazing. Just enough sweetness in the glaze, real blueberry flavor inside and a nice moist crumb. Probably the best blueberry donut I’ve had anywhere. Maybe I just got really lucky, but I feel like their blueberry donuts were above and beyond anything I’ve had before. And it wasn’t just me, Daisy was equally impressed.

I came away feeling super lucky. I walked into this place just because it was there, and walked out with some of the best donuts I’ve had. Go check them out, they are on Union right near the corner of Auburndale in Midtown, right past Idlewild if you’re going west on Union.

Both the blueberry and the coconut cream are out of this world, but I don’t think they make anything that’s not good and I was impressed with their ability to adjust the sweetness level based on the kind of donut to suit different people’s taste. These are also some of the softest, lightest donuts I’ve ever had. They’re amazingly pillowy. Just writing this is making me want to go get more. Go get some before I eat them all.