Memphis Pizza Cafe Midtown – 3/22/21

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Memphis pizza cafe is a Memphis tradition. It’s a local chain that’s been around forever. They are frequently voted “Best Pizza” in the Memphis Flier Best of Memphis, and most importantly, the midtown location has an excellent patio.

We actually tried to go eat at Rizzo’s, but due to some staffing issues, Rizzo’s was closed. We’ll try again soon, because Rizzo’s is probably my favorite restaurant in Memphis.

Anyway we were driving through Midtown and decided to find a patio to eat on. We already did Slider Inn, so that was out. We decided to just park in the garage at Overton square and kinda decide on the fly.

Pizza cafe is right off the parking garage and I already know it’s awesome, so we decided Pizza Cafe wins.

We took a seat on the patio and ordered drinks. Ava got pink lemonade, it seems to be a favorite of hers. I got a Newcastle because I haven’t had one in approximately forever. Daisy got a soft drink that didn’t look as interesting in photographs so there’s no picture of it.

Before I get into the food, I have to say, this is an excellent patio. It’s got it all. It’s partially covered in case it’s warm but kinda rainy. It’s got an uncovered part in case it’s cool but sunny. The patio itself looks cool with all the brick and ironwork. You also get an excellent view of the open space on Overton Square, right in front of the stage. While we were there a family was playing with one of those RC cars that are super fast. Ava was a huge fan of this.

I was super tempted to order a sandwich, their Italian Sub is amazing, but we were also super hungry and Ava wanted pizza so we went with a Cafe Supreme. It’s a pretty standard supreme pizza with “Mozzarella, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, onion, green pepper, beef, sausage and mushroom” per their website. It’s got a little bit of everything.

The pizza at MPC is all on a thin, cracker-like crust. I dig it, but I like thin crust pizza in general. The veggies for the pizzas are all diced, which I absolutely love. I hate it when places put whole-ass slices of peppers on a pizza and you have to bite it like an angry shark or risk pulling off all the toppings along with your first bite. Diced is definitely the way to go.

I’ve had pizza cafe a million times, and it still ranks in the top 3 Memphis pizza places to me. The food always tastes fresh, the service is always friendly but not fake or overbearing, the sandwiches and salads are just as good as the pizza, unlike a lot of places where they’re an afterthought. I like the thin, crispy crust, although I know not everyone loves that. Overall, I’m always pleased when I go here.

If you don’t feel like a traditional supreme pizza, get the Cajun chicken supreme, it’s amazing. Also, the Greek salad is awesome, I could eat that every day and not get bored with it.

As the weather warms up, we will definitely be back. Excellent food aside, this is in the running for best patio in Memphis.