Los Pilares Bartlett – 2/1/21

Los Pilares is about as “standard Mexican restaurant” as it gets. I’m here to say, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everything has to be high-concept fusion pop-up dining. It’s okay for a thing to just be what it is. Los Pilares is typical of the kind of Mexican restaurant you find all over the place in the south. Tacos, burritos, white cheese dip, etc.

The thing is, Los Pilares is really good at just being what it is. They execute the standard Mexican restaurant fare well and they do it consistently. There’s a lot of value in that to me.

They have two locations, we went to the one in Bartlett on Stage Rd near Elmore Park, but there’s also a location in Millington.

Inside, it looks like a Mexican restaurant.

Daisy and I shared the Combination Fajitas for two, Ava got one of their combos that consisted of two tacos, rice, and beans. For those of you reading this from THE FUTURE, covid is still a thing right now, so we got take-out.

The fajitas here are ALWAYS good. They come with 3 tortillas per person and the portion sizes are honestly huge. I don’t know how you would even begin to fit all of this into six tortillas.

We ended up making some pretty loaded of fajitas and still honestly had quite a bit of leftovers. When they said this is a portion for two, they are not kidding.

The fajitas also come with all the usual sides; rice, beans, salad, sour cream, pico, and guacamole.

Ava just got some tacos, with rice and beans. Like everything else, they’re well-executed and pretty much exactly what you expect. She definitely approved. That girl LOVES some refried beans.

We’re not animals, so naturally we had to get some cheese dip too. I don’t think it’s actually possible to get food from a Mexican restaurant and not get cheese dip. If you know anyone that has this kind of willpower, let me know. I want to stay far away from them, future murderous dictator stuff there.

Like I said at the beginning, nothing super ground-breaking here, but at the same time, I don’t WANT anyone messing with my Mexican food when I’m in the mood for Mexican food. I have a very specific thing in my head when I say “I’m craving Mexican”, and Los Pilares always nails it in terms of service, price, quality, and consistency. Go check them out, you will not regret it.