Kooky Canuck Cordova – 3/15/21

I’ve been going to Kooky Canuck for a long time. Before I became domesticated, I lived downtown from 2003-2017. I actually went to the downtown location the night they opened, back when it was called Big Foot Lodge.

They’ve always had consistently good food, so when I had a monday off on a 75 degree day, I decided to take the family to the Cordova location and sit out on the patio. This was my first visit to the Cordova location, but the decor is familiar, that is to say it looks a lot like the downtown location. Of course, I’m not very good at this so I totally forgot to take any pictures.

We got a seat out on the patio, which was nicely spaced out, and Ava got a moose to color and a pink lemonade.

I opted for a local beer, Memphis Made Fireside to be more specific, and got a very large one. The draft beers here are 34oz. You really only need one. It’s a good thing Daisy doesn’t generally drink, so I always have a designated driver.

We checked out the menu and ordered some food. I got the grilled chicken sandwich with fries because that’s what I would almost always get at the downtown location and I was feeling nostalgic. Ava decided she needed the kid’s burger with fries. Daisy wasn’t super hungry so she just did the BBQ egg rolls. The food came out quickly and everything looked good.

Ava was very pleased with her burger. She generally eats like a bird and she ate about half of the burger and a lot of the fries, which is pretty damn high praise for a picky 4 year old. Also the kids meals come with a rice krispy treat, she was pretty excited about it.

The grilled chicken sandwich was just as good as I remembered. I don’t know exactly what it is for me, but grilled chicken with cheese and red onion just works so well for me. There’s something about the creaminess of the cheese, the grill flavor from the chicken and the brightness and heat from the onion that just does it for me.

Daisy really enjoyed the egg rolls too. They consist of pulled pork and slaw inside an egg roll wrapper with BBQ sauce to dip in. They’re very tasty, and one of my favorite appetizers ever. If you eat here, definitely get the BBQ egg rolls.

I realized after we left that we ordered basically none of their Canada-themed stuff, all of which is really very good, but it doesn’t matter, because the food is consistently good here and we’ll definitely be back for some poutine or something. If you’re near either the downtown or the Cordova location, check out Kooky Canuck.