Valle’s Italian Rebel – Memphis, TN

This place is pretty much why I made this website. It’s a real hidden gem, a place you would never know about unless you’re a local.

The place I’m referring to is Valle’s Italian Rebel located on Winchester in the Whitehaven neighborhood of South Memphis.

Outside view of Valle's Italian Rebel

The interior is kinda cafeteria style, there are a bunch of tables and chairs, and one counter at the back, you order at the counter and they bring your food out to you when it’s ready.

Valle’s serves pizza, pasta, salads, and sandwiches. I usually stick to the sandwiches since I don’t want to eat pasta for lunch and then feel like taking an extended nap with half a work day to go.

My go-to choice is the Spicy Italian. It’s a homemade roll with pepperoni, salami, capicola ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato & Italian dressing. This thing is legit. I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur of Italian sandwiches, they’re like my default choice anywhere that offers them, and this one is definitely up there. The bread is awesome, the toppings taste fresh, the dressing is good, and everything is all melty. It’s good stuff.

I usually prefer sandwich meat to be very thinly sliced so everything kinda melds together, and this sandwich actually has really thick sliced meats, but for some reason it works out here. I dunno, some kind of witchcraft or something probably. Or maybe it just tastes so good I ignore everything else. Whatever, it’s tasty, get one.

To be completely honest, I should have gone more times and tried more things before I wrote this article, but 1. I really, really like the Italian sandwich, and 2. I was super excited to share this place. I’ll probably edit this article at some point in the future when I try more things on the menu, but the Spicy Italian is definitely a winner, so I believe their other stuff will be good too. Sounds like a good excuse for me to eat there more. BRB.