Vlog #15 – Insta360 One R Testing and Subaru Buying

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It’s been an interesting week. First off, I’ve had the Insta360 One R with the 1” Mod for a few weeks now. I’ve been putting it through it’s paces so that I can do a full on review of it. I decided to use it exclusively for my Vlog this week. There’s a decent amount of test footage in this video. I’m overall impressed with it, though I feel like the audio isn’t the greatest with the built-in mic. If I’m gonna use it full time for vlogging, I’m gonna have to use my Rode Wireless Go. I would also suggest you get a V30 MicroSD card, as some of the early issues I had with the camera was fixed by using the recommended SD card. I guess sometimes it pays to read the instructions. Also, I already have a micro scratch on my lens protector. I would definitely recommend some protection for the lens and screen. Having said all that, I absolutely love this camera and the quality that comes out of it leaves every other action camera in the dust.

Also, I found a Subaru Forester XT at the auction. That’s the turbo version of their family hauler wagon. I thought this would make an excellent car for Daisy, so I decided to try to buy it. I ended up purchasing it for $3200, took it on a test drive, and it immediately and violently overheated. I’m still kinda stumped, because I can’t reproduce it. Now it refuses to go over the halfway mark for any reason. Idling, driving the wheels off of it, whatever. It just stays dead in the middle, no overheating at all. My best theory is a stuck thermostat, so I ordered an OEM thermostat and gasket, I’m gonna try that first then tackle all the other little things. In other words prepare for lots of Scooby content for the next month or so.

That’s about it for now, I’ll tackle the thermostat next week and then move on to my torque bind issue.