Vlog #11

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I decided to run to the auction today to check out an RX8. I’m kinda scared of them, but at the same time kinda intrigued. I’ve always liked rotary engines, but the one in the RX-8 has a pretty bad reputation for reliability, most of it actually deserved. On the other hand, they rev like mad and the chassis is fantastic and it even has a back seat that will fit my tiny child. So I might as well go check it out even though the chances of me buying it are actually pretty low.

I decided to use my GoPro so my buddy Butler will leave me alone about it. In all seriousness, he is right. The GoPro is honestly pretty ideal for vlogging like this. The Sony is good for low light, night time, indoor stuff, or stuff where image quality REALLY matters. The GoPro is really well suited for outdoor daytime stuff. It’s lighter, easier to carry, wide lens shows a lot more of the scene and I’m not terrified of dropping it or getting caught in a sudden downpour, which are common this time of year. The Hero 8 Black, along with the media mod ( https://amzn.to/3isW8Fp ), and the shorty “selfie stick” ( https://amzn.to/2AkIaE3 ) does make for an excellent vlogging rig.

I really wish GoPro would upgrade the image sensor on the next Hero. If this thing had a 1” sensor like the Sony, it would probably be a good enough vlogging rig in every situation, to the point that I would likely sell the ZV-1 and just get a mirrorless like the Sony A6400 ( https://amzn.to/38gVOot ) for shooting food videos at home.

Anyway, on to the cars. The RX-8 was kinda rough, had a litany of lights on the dash, and was just kinda ragged overall. Beer caps in the car and torn seats and shit. I would only buy it if I could score it for “Blown up LS swap candidate” money, because that’s the only way I couldn’t possibly go wrong.