The Slider Inn | Memphis, TN | 10/19/20

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I’m having an existential crisis about how I title my posts. I don’t want to just put the name of the restaurant, because I want to visit some places multiple times, especially the kinds of places that do frequent menu changes. I’m trying this new “Place, City, Date” format out to see if it sticks.

So yeah, we went to Slider Inn in Midtown yesterday for a late lunch. Ava has been specifically asking to go eat at a restaurant but with Covid-19 numbers going up we still aren’t super comfortable eating inside a restaurant. It was super nice weather, so we decided to try a patio, and Slider Inn has an excellent patio.

The weather was excellent, and the entire point of this was to find somewhere to eat that’s not inside, so naturally we sat outside. They did an excellent job of social distancing and had all the tables spread out with every other table unavailable, I would say no one was within 10-15 feet of us, which made us feel a lot better about eating in a restaurant. We started off with inarguably the best thing on the menu, especially on a warn sunny day; The Jameson Slushie.

The Jameson Slushie has Jameson and ginger beer along with crushed ice, and it’s fucking amazing. I’m serious, if you haven’t had one, you need to go to Slider right the hell now and get one before it gets cold. There’s nothing better than an adult slushie on a warm day.

As for food, I got the Low Rider, which is marinated chicken, sriracha aioli, grilled onions, avocado, and american cheese. Pretty standard grilled chicken sandwich, just in slider form, but the grilled onions did a lot for the flavor for me and everything was well executed. I naturally got fries with mine, and I love the fries here. They’re thin and crispy, highly recommended.

Daisy and Ava got a mix and match combo, one BLT, and two Memphis. I’m gonna guess you already know what’s on the BLT, and the Memphis is their classic burger, cheese, ketchup, mayo. Both were good. Daisy was super impressed with the BLT, and Ava seemed to really like the Memphis. I stole a bite when she wasn’t looking, and kinda regretted not getting that. The Low Rider is good, but the classic sliders are really good, everything just works.

Service was great, food was great and holy shit those jameson slushies are dangerous. Get your ass over to the patio at Slider Inn before it gets cold, this is an excellent way to spend a warm fall afternoon. If don’t, Ava will give you this look, and no one needs that in their life.